Bantry Agricultural Show - Sheep

Please note increased fee on late entries
Closing Date for Entries 25th August 2018       
Judging begins at 11 30a.m.

*All Sheep Must Be Ear Tagged Prior to Show Day

Entry Fee €4;  Late Entries  €5  
Prizes  1st €25, 2nd €15 3rd €10


Class 134 - Best Ram.
Class 135 - Best Ewe
Class 136 - Ram Lamb
Class 137 - Ewe Lamb
Class 138 - Hogget Ewe
Class 139 - Hogget Ram
Class 140 - Pair of Scotch Ewe lambs

Entry Fee €4;  Late Entries  €5
Prizes  1st €25, 2nd €15 3rd €10

Class 141 - Best Suffolk Hogget Ram
Class 142 - Best Suffolk Ewe
Class 143 - Best Suffolk Ram Lamb
Class 144 - Best Suffolk Ewe Lamb

Special Class

Class 145 - €500 Champion Suffolk Ram of Bantry Show.
Sponsored by Bantry Hire & Sales.  Entry Fee €7. Late Entries €9
Prizes   1st  €300  2nd €50  3rd  €50  & 5 X €20

Class 146 A


Class 146 B


Best Hampshire Ram any age.
Sponsored by Barrets Agri Suppliers Bantry.
Entry Fee €7; Late Entries €9
Prizes: 1st  €150,  2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th € 40


Best Hampshire Ewe


Entry Fee €4 Late Entries  €5 
Prizes  1st €25, 2nd €15 3rd €10

Class 147 - Best Texel Ram
Class 148 - Best Texel Ewe
Class 149 - Best Texel Ram Lamb
Class 150 - Best Texel Ewe Lamb

Entry Fee €4;  Late Entries  €5
Prizes  1st €25, 2nd €15 3rd €10

Class 151


Best Cheviot Ram
Class 152 - Best Cheviot Ewe
Class 153 - Best Cheviot Ewe lamb
Class 154 - Butchers Lamb (pen) 3/5 lambs
Class 155 - Best pen of ewe lambs, Cheviot, Suffolk, Texel or Charollais 3/6 lambs
Prize €25 for each breed


Entry Fee €4;  Late Entries  €5
Prizes  1st €25, 2nd €15 3rd €10

Class 156 - Best Charollais Ram

Class 157


Class 157 B


Best Charollais Ewe


Open class for pet lambs any Breed


Bantry Show is run in accordance with Irish Shows Rules. A copy of these rules is available by request.


Class 158 - €1000 All Ireland Scotch Ram Class
1st €700 2nd €200 3rd €100
Entry fee in this class Є12.  Late Entries €15
Sponsored by  Bantry Tyre Centre.

1. 1st, 2nd & 3rd prize winners from other shows aged or hogget are the only sheep that can compete for the €1000 Ram Class. Those prizewinners are barred from entering classes 139 & 144 of our own show. If the exhibitor so wishes to drop their qualifier they can compete in the aged or hogget at Bantry show on the day.
2. A letter must be with the secretary of Bantry show from the secretary of the relevant shows where Scotch Ram classes are held, stating if the ram was placed 1st 2nd or 3rd and who the winners were and their corresponding tag numbers
3. This letter must be signed by the secretary and the chief steward of the sheep section of each show.
4. Under no circumstances will the exhibitor be allowed compete without the requested letter.
5. Bantry Show is open to any rams that are not already qualified in the €1000 ram class.
6. There is to be ONE JUDGE only and his decision is at all times final

Bantry Agricultural Show - Sheep

Important notice to all animal owners involved in showing animals.
The Irish Shows Association would advise all animal owners who have their animals insured to have the insurance cover extended to cover them while showing animals at shows, we understand that it costs very little or nothing at all depending on who you have insurance cover with.

If you are one of the few who don’t have cover we would advise that you think about putting it in place for this purpose it may well be worthwhile.

The reason for us giving you this advise is to protect yourself in the event of your animal lashing out, and injuring someone or damaging someone’s property, if that were to happen, and it is established that your animal was out of control you may be held responsible, or partly responsible for and injury or damage caused & may end up paying all, or part of any settlement reached.


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